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Lloyd’s Lab Office Hours

Office Hours is an initiative aimed at helping early stage start-ups get guidance and tips from Lloyd’s market experts.

What is Office Hours?

We know the Lloyd’s market can be opaque and tough for outside entrepreneurs to fathom. But at the Lloyd’s Lab, we believe that the start-up ecosystem can and should be inclusive of all.

So, we created Office Hours, where entrepreneurs meet a panel of experts who will aim to answer their questions and give some much-needed advice.

What kind of advice can we get?

The aim is to help entrepreneurs who are early in their journey to get advice specific to the Lloyd’s market. For example:

  • I have an insurance product idea, can I get some steer on how to progress it?
  • We have some great data which we think would be useful to insurers, but we’re not sure where to start?
  • Do these pricing / market / claims / etc. assumptions look reasonable for this idea?
  • Do you see … being an area of focus in the next few years?
  • Lloyd’s is a bit different to other insurers, how do you approach … ?

How does it work?

  • Entrepreneurs apply via this link
  • The Lloyd’s Lab team will review the applications and select some to join Office Hours
  • The Lloyd’s Lab team will select a panel of experts from the market who would be best-placed to respond to the queries raised in the application
  • Successful entrepreneurs will be invited to a 45 minute session with the panel of experts
  • We plan to run these every other month, depending on how many queries we receive


Want to register as a Lloyd’s market expert?

Great! Please sign up here. The main points you need to know are:

  • We’ll get in contact with you if we have a successful application from an entrepreneur which seems like it would fit your experience.
  • We’ll send you the background for pre-reading
  • At a maximum, we envisage the effort required to be less than two hours every two months, but is likely to be much less for most


How the sessions will run

We will run Office Hours sessions every couple of months or so, depending on the applications.

In advance of the sessions the Lloyd’s Lab team will meet with the entrepreneur to prepare. We will also send the panel of experts the application form so they see the planned questions and background information.

During Office Hours, the entrepreneurs will meet the experts and will have 45 minutes to discuss their challenge and get feedback.