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Lloyd’s Lab – what to expect in the coming weeks

Wed 24 Apr 2019

Cohort 2 of the Lloyd’s Lab starts next week! So, what should you expect to see happening?

Who made it?

In this cohort there will be 12 teams in total, 10 working on themes targeted at the market’s challenges, and 2 focussing on the Lloyd’s Corporation. The Corporation teams are a new addition, something we didn’t do last time but wanted to try out. What’s an innovation lab for if you can’t switch things up?

The teams will be announced in a Press Release this week – so look out for that.

We’ll also have another special announcement this week, so look out for that!

How can I get involved?

It isn’t too late to sign up as a mentor – if you work for a Lloyd’s managing agent or related company and are interested, then let us know!

Sign up as an innovation advisor (and find out what it means!) on our mentoring page.

For mentors, innovation advisors, and other market participants – check out our Events page which will be updated as we develop our plans further. The first event will be a Lab Lunch on 8 May which we hope will involve the team working on the prospectus as part of The Future At Lloyd’s

For the start-ups it will be a busy first 2 weeks – mentor meetings, Lloyd’s 101 training, time with our CEO, introductions to the LMA, LM TOM, the acronyms could go on but you get the idea.