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Blog: Week 7 with Insurercore

Fri 23 Nov 2018

Having finally recovered from the shock of leaving startup life (which largely consists of flitting between coffee shops to use wi-fi and hunting down a functional printer), we are enjoying working from the Lloyd’s Lab. So, with shock abated, we now must take stock of the progress we have made.

Insurercore is building a risk-appetite directory for the insurance industry, to help foster relationships in a digital age.  One thing we wished to avoid was a vain attempt to dictate what the market needs – it’s renowned for its relationships so we wanted to learn from that culture to provide a solution that reflects the complexities of the risks it caters for.

The Lab has helped us immensely in overcoming this hurdle. Firstly, we have been given a great team of mentors from across the market. It has been invaluable to get perspectives from upper management, underwriters on the floor, or business change and data analysts. Such direct access has helped us draw out the inherent value of each area of our system. Much thanks must go to our mentors for this.

In our mission to build Insurercore in conjunction with the market, the access we have been given to the Syndicates and Lloyd’s as a whole has been game changing. For an app about connecting brokers and underwriters we can only be grateful to Lloyds for connecting us to them.

As we know Lloyd’s is  global market and  it isn’t just within the square mile that magic takes place. As such, we are talking to Lloyd’s Singapore about our joint goal of increasing interconnectivity between the market and its regions.

With just under half the Lab term to go, one thing we can say for certain is that what was written on the tin was no lie – we have indeed been accelerated.  Yet moving the mountain becomes manageable with the Lab’s support and resources

This is an exciting time for Insurercore and we want to make Insurercore an exciting solution for the market. As we progress you will be hearing more from us.